Our pond has always been a bit of a problem when it comes to keeping the water clear. To the point that most of the time we can’t see the fish. And that’s even when we clean the filter every couple of days. To be honest we know what the problem is - the pond isn’t big enough for the fish we’ve got in it and the filter/pump isn’t up to the job. There’s not much we can do about the former, but this is the feak and weeble pumpy thing we’ve been struggling with:

Old pump

It recently gave up the ghost after an ‘O’ ring leaked and water got into the UV bulb fitting. Rather than replace it with the same model we’ve gone for an upgrade.

New pump

Hooj filter that lives outside the pond and is fed by a small pump. You don’t need to take it apart to clean the filters because it has a handle that turns a spinnumy-thing that flaps away at the filter foam inside and you divert the gunky water onto the plants for extra growth factor.


So far it’s been in for a month or so and the water is tip-top. The fish are loving it.