A few years ago, one of Kay’s kids gave her a scroll saw cut wooden name tag which she’d displayed in her classroom ever since. Due to the ridiculous nature of our surname it’s a bit long and hence fragile, and it’s broken a couple of times.

I’ve recently had to cut down an old mountain ash that’s been growing in our front garden ever since the house was built. I suspect it got its roots a few inches down and found the awesome clay that everything sits on round here. Suffice to say it did not thrive and its constituent parts have been seasoning for a while in the garage.

Name plate

I figured it would be nice to use some of it as a mount for Kay’s name plate so I stripped the bark off and generally neatened it up a little with a bit of carving and sanding, and then I shaved off a couple of flats with my hand plane; one for it to sit flat on, and another to mount the wooden name plate. A bit of oil and Bob’s your uncle.