In web design, the little things make the difference. Computers have historically used ' and " (the so-called ambidextrous quotation marks) at both the beginning and end of a quotation like so,

A quotation using 'ambidextrous' quotation marks.

This was because of limitations in the space on typewriter keyboards and the limit of 128 characters available to ASCII. These days we’re a little more sophisticated and we can take advantage of Unicode to give us proper curly quotes, just like the ones typesetters used to use back in the day,

A quotation using ‘book quote’ quotation marks.

Of course, this is a tiny detail and most people won’t be conscious of it. That’s why most web designers don’t worry about things like this. Nobody ever complains about the look of quotation marks. Even if somebody did, would anyone really take such a complaint seriously? There are phrases for people who complain about this kind of thing.

However, even though these little things are too small to tickle the conscious mind, they are big enough to irritate that part of the subconscious that decides where people are going to spend their money. They contribute to the feel of a site and that’s why smart people pay other people to create web sites. We’re the people who are obsessive enough to make sure your quotation marks set you apart from the ordinary web sites out there.