I’ve written a short e-book to help web site owners check their sites for potential problems. Although it’s aimed at owners there’s plenty in there for developers and designers as well.

It presents a series of checkpoints, split into categories, together with short discussion points and solutions. I’ve tried to cover everything from layout to branding to copyright to backups.

It’s completely free. Share it among your friends, business contacts and social networks. Just don’t try and make out it’s not my work and don’t sell it.


Why is it free? My hope is that you’ll find the information useful and that it will help you improve your web sites, or if you’re a web designer or developer, those of your clients. Of those who do find the information useful, my guess is that some of you will want to fix the issues you’ve found but will need some help to do so. Of those, my hope is that some of you will turn to me for that help. That’s where the effort I’ve put into it pays off and that’s why it’s free.

This is by no means a finished work, there will always be something new to add so if you want to be notified of updates when they happen just give me a shout and I’ll send you updates as soon as they happen.

In the mean time download the book, brew a nice cup of tea, grab some choccy biccies and start working through it. Additions and comments are, of course, most welcome via comments here or directly to me.