Branwood style guide

Branwood Preparatory School were in the common situation of not having a consistent set of brand assets. They did have a logo and a broadly defined colour scheme which were in use throughout the school and in its marketing literature, but a number of significant variations had crept in over the years. They asked me to produce a single, consistent set of documents that would serve as a central point of reference for everything they produced.

The result was a simple style guide that struck a balance between consistency and flexibility, defining the master logo design together with a set of font and colour specifications. All this information was presented in a variety of formats (Illustrator, PDF and JPEG) laid out in such a way as to give an indication of the look and feel that should be employed in future products.

Branwood advert

As a follow up to this work they also asked me to produce a print ad for publication in a local directory. It’s easy to see how the look and feel of the style guide has been carried through to a specific publication.